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Crevice Storage Box

Crevice Storage Box

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Efficient Car Storage Solution. 

Say goodbye to lost items with our Car Crevice Storage Box – an innovative organizer that fills the gap between the seat and armrest, preventing items from falling through while providing additional storage space.

Integrated USB Charging: Stay connected on the go with two additional USB charging slots conveniently built into the storage box. Keep your devices powered up and within reach while driving, ensuring you never run out of battery.

Adjustable LED Lights: Illuminate dark spaces with ease using the adjustable LED lights integrated into the storage box. Whether you're searching for items or just need extra illumination, the LED lights provide customizable brightness to suit your needs.

Customizable and Versatile Design: Our Car Crevice Storage Box features a customizable design with adjustable compartments, allowing you to organize and store various items with ease. Keep essentials like keys, sunglasses, and snacks within arm's reach for added convenience.

Easy Installation: Enjoy hassle-free installation with our storage box, which securely fits between the seat and armrest without the need for tools or additional hardware. Simply slide it into place and instantly enhance your car's storage capabilities.

Keep Your Car Tidy and Organized: With our Car Crevice Storage Box, you can keep your car tidy and organized while maximizing space. Say goodbye to clutter and lost items, and enjoy a more organized and efficient driving experience.

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